May 15, 2016

Sapaad Inventory: Stock Take

Keeping track of your raw materials is critical to maximize profitability — regular physical counting of your stock ensures that your store is well managed, food costs are tracked, and raw-material consumption is in check.

Sapaad’s “Stock Take” feature lets you do all this and more, quickly and efficiently!


Top 3 Benefits!


Tablet-friendly: No need to print excel sheets and re-enter values into the system. Simply take a tablet into your store and tap away.

Easy Unit Counter: Have a crate of coke plus a dozen loose cans? Sapaad’s stock take lets you count both by purchase units and recipe units.

Auto Reconciliation: Say goodbye to manual adjustments between counted and theoretical stock! Sapaad automatically adjusts stock discrepancies for you.




Simple. Accurate. Automatic.



Get Started


Visit Inventory > Stock Take to do a stock take of all raw materials in your inventory.

Need to do stock take for only certain ingredients? Simply use the ‘category’ filter or search for individual ingredients in the search bar.






Count ’em!


Use the handy count fields to quickly enter your stock values. You can use both bulk purchase units and measurement units for truly granular yet accurate counts.







Physical vs Theoretical


Is your physical stock different from theoretical stock? No need to manually adjust it. Sapaad intelligently auto-adjusts all variances for you.

Simply select the items you want to reconcile and Sapaad does the rest!

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