March 29, 2016

What’s New in Sapaad: March 2016

We’ve updated Sapaad with some cool (and much requested) features! Here’s what’s new:



1. Item Notes & Discounts


We’ve completely upgraded our POS experience to now include item notes and discounts. You can now apply discounts and order notes to individual items in your order.


To create an item discount, the account administrator can visit SETUP > LOCATIONS > EDIT > SURCHARGES & DISCOUNTS. Once this is done, you can add a discount. This powerful feature allows you to apply discounts in cases of ‘buy one get one free’ offers and many other scenarios.








2. Stock Take – Auto Reconciliation & more

We have completely overhauled our stock take feature, and we have improved its usability and experience:


a. No time period (start/end) required; Sapaad automatically calculates the date range based on when you’re doing the stocktake.
b. Auto reconciliation! Stock can now be auto-adjusted upon completion. Simply select the items that you wish to adjust and Sapaad takes care of the rest.
c. Stock Takes now show “value” (opening stock value and counted stock value)
                                                                                               d. You can now delete incomplete stock takes.
                                                                                               e. If the counted stock is more than the theoretical stock, then the                                                                                                stock difference is shown as positive and not as negative and vice                                                                                                versa.
                                                                                               f. Other usability enhancements.




3. Other Inventory updates

a. Indication of finished goods in recipes: If an item is both a recipe and a finished good, its recipe will indicate that ‘track consumption’ is not possible.
b  The “Stock Transfers” label is now now called “Stock Requests/Transfer” to correctly indicate the function.
c. Supplier emails are automatically checked for non-compliant characters. These characters are automatically removed.




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