March 29, 2016

Sapaad Feature Update: Item Discounts & Notes

menu-item-discountsDiscounts on individual items on your menu are a great way to entice your customers with offers (“Buy One, Get One FREE”), giveaways, and deals.

Now Sapaad’s POS lets you easily add discounts and notes to each item in an order! It’s brilliantly simple to use.


Instant setup!





Create an “Item Discount”

To start, simply visit  Setup > Locations > Edit > Surcharges and Discounts, and add an item discount under the all-new Item Discounts tab.











Now apply it!

On your POS screen, click the item you want to apply the discount on and hit the all-new “Discount” button.

The  discount shows on the bill just like a modifier and applies on the item’s subtotal. You’re done!












Custom request? Add a note!

We’ve also added Item Notes to Sapaad. 

Need to inform your staff about a customer’s request or modification to an item in their order? Sapaad lets you do this easily with the new “Notes” field for each item.

Enter your note and it shows on the bill just like a modifier!

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