March 13, 2016

Sapaad Inventory: Purchase Orders made easy

purchase-order-managementWith Sapaad’s Inventory module, your entire purchase cycle – from raising POs, sending them easily to suppliers, and receiving goods at your location – is remarkably easy!

Here’s a quick illustration on how Purchase Order management works in Sapaad’s Inventory module:




Low Stock Items With A Single Click


With a single click, Sapaad brings back all items that are low in stock. Simply click the “Get Par Level Items” in the ‘New PO’ screen to do this. You can also just use the search bar and quickly find individual items you want to purchase.









Save For Later


Need to save it and come back later to continue where you left off? No sweat: just hit ‘Save’ (instead of ‘Save and Send’) to save your PO for a later time.











Intelligent PO Splitting


You can add items from different suppliers in your PO;  Sapaad lets you focus on building your list of items, and takes care of the rest. Sapaad will intelligently send the right items to the right supplier. Not just that, we’ve updated PO management to make it even better: Sapaad automatically splits PO with multiple suppliers and creates a unique PO for each supplier.






 And that’s all there is to it. Your sent POs will now be in the ‘Sent Orders’ section. Simply hit ‘Receive’ when your goods arrive!

In addition, we’ve enhanced usability with cool UI touchups to the entire ‘Purchase Order’ process for a new and improved experience!

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