February 06, 2016

What’s New in Sapaad: January 2016

It’s been a great start to 2016 here at Sapaad, and we’re thrilled to bring you updates that will make this year even more productive for your restaurant business! We’ve made further improvements to our bill printing and our Kitchen Display System (KDS), enabled customer grouping in our home delivery module, and introduced swipe login to public beta. In addition, Sapaad has launched a brilliant new Token Display System (TDS) that we call Tokenizer to optimise order fulfilment and queue management. Our goal has always been the same as yours – to create more happy customers!



1. Queue Management with Tokenizer

We understand the challenges of managing customers across a crowded counter. And hence, Sapaad’s all-new Token Display System (TDS) is our brilliantly effective solution to queue management. This feature assigns easily readable token numbers to every order, and flashes these on a beautiful display screen above the counter when the food is ready. Your customers will be able to know instantly when to collect their meal. Click here to read more about this feature.

2. Enhanced Transaction Security with Mandatory Supervisor Approval

To further enhance the security of your transactions, we’ve introduced the mandatory use of a supervisor password each time an order is modified in all channels: Walk-in, Dine-in, Online Orders and Home Delivery Orders. This feature is enabled by default, however, your administrator can turn it on or off from Setup.

3. Security Fortified

We’ve improved our payment gateway and subscription management infrastructure for even better security and checkout experience for our customers. Watch this space for additional features such as viewing your invoices and billing history directly in your setup dashboard under Setup > My Accounts.

4. Better Insights, Analytics & Classification of your Customers: Customer Groups

Wouldn’t you love to reward your corporate and VIP customers with exciting discounts and promotions? Or how about running an analysis to see the kind of customers you are delivering to? We’ve just made it possible for you to easily identify and classify your home delivery customers using our all new Customer Groups feature! Your administrator can simply activate this feature in Setup > Global Settings and create your groups.

5. Super-quick Log Ins with Swipe (BETA)

We’ve made logging in even more easier with just the swipe of a card. This feature is currently in public beta, and has limited availability for now. If you wish to have it enabled for your account, contact us at support@sapaad.com to get involved before general release.

6. Bill Printing Enhancements

You asked and we listened! Your Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) can now be configured to a larger font size. This means easier and faster readability of printed orders even during the busiest of hours in the kitchen. Your administrator can simply head over to Setup to activate this feature.

7. KDS Readability Upgrade

We’ve improved readability on the KDS screen making it even easier to identify modifier and combo items using remarkably distinguishing font and colour.

8. Improved Display of Price Modifiers

We’ve updated Sapaad to enable price modifiers to show up on customer bills. This gives your customers better transparency of pricing on their invoices.



  • Addressed minor issues with gross profit for updated summary reports.
  • Resolved issue with export CVS from dashboard to improve accuracy.
  • Enabled alphabetical listing of categories in Inventory to improve usability.
  • Enhanced usability of Pay screen wherein the entire payment cycle is completed using just the keyboard. Now you can hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard on the last page allows you to proceed.
  • Fixed an issue in Safari where Walk-In repeatedly reloads.
  • CRM notes taking bug fixed.
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