August 20, 2015

SMS Launch


SMS is here!

Turbo charge communication with your customers: use Sapaad’s in-built SMS feature to send instant SMS messages at every stage of your operations, and to send targeted SMS campaigns right from inside your dashboard.


Real-time SMS Alerts


Send proactive SMS from your own personalised sender id to your customers at every stage of order fulfilment. No more ‘follow-up calls’ from customers to find out where their food is; with Sapaad’s in-built SMS Alerts, your customers are always updated.

Sapaad SMS alerts your customers when:



Internal Alerts:

Sapaad’s SMS module also works great for alerting your staff: Get an SMS when items or ingredients run low in stock or when Purchase Orders are raised.


Internal SMS alerts:


Smart SMS Marketing Campaigns

sms-marketing-for-restaurantsUse the powerful reports on Sapaad’s dashboard to generate smart targeted lists of your customers. Communicate with them instantly using Sapaad’s in-built SMS Campaign tool.

Want to send a loyalty message to your top 10 customers? How about a ‘do come back’ to customers who you haven’t seen in three months? Use Sapaad’s in-built SMS marketing tool to smarten up your communication like never before!

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