May 13, 2015

Inventory Launch


We’re thrilled to announce the Inventory module, our biggest ever expansion to Sapaad yet.


What is Inventory?


The Inventory module adds great new features to Sapaad, including:
+ Stock Management
+ Purchase & Suppliers Management
+ Recipe Management & Food Costing
+ Menu Engineering
+ Live Reports: COGS & Wastage
+ lots more!

Recipe Management & Food Costing

Sapaad Inventory comes with several brilliant features to help you control your profitability. With Recipe Management & Food Costing, manage food costs like never before!



Ingredients, Sub-Recipes and Recipes:

Tell Sapaad about all your ingredients to create powerful self-aware recipes. You can also combine ingredients to create sub-recipes such as sauces, pastes, mixes and more! A great way to manage yield.

Food Costing:

As you build your recipes using your ingredients and and sub-recipes, Sapaad will give you real-time feedback on your profitability and food cost


Supplier Management & Purchasing

Now you can manage your entire purchasing cycle within Sapaad! And we’ve made it insanely easy.



When you create your ingredients in Sapaad, you also tell Sapaad who the suppliers are. Sapaad handles the rest. Order Par Level items with a single click.

Stock Management

Sapaad provides phenomenal tools to monitor and control your stock. Now regain control of all your stock movement easily.



Sapaad let’s you monitor inventory in multiple ways. You get a first hand view of all your stock on hand. Transfer stock between locations quickly and easily. When an item on your menu is sold, Sapaad performs live stock consumption. Batch process sub-recipes, issue stock out, receive stock, and more! All instantly and with the Sapaad usability you’ve come to love.

Next Generation Stock Take

Stock takes don’t have to be hard. Sapaad brings stock taking to the 21st century; say good-bye to printouts or complex excel sheets. Use your tablet on the floor to swiftly perform stock-takes


Inventory Reporting & Insights

Sapaad’s dashboard has a whole new section for inventory, giving you remarkable insights into the state of your stock, your profitabilty, wastage, and COGS.



Watch every aspect of your stock movement, track your overall COGs, keep an eye on low running stock and purchase costs. Sapaad’s reporting gives you powerful tools to keep on top of all aspects of your business.
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