January 25, 2015

Top 5 reasons to go cloud

cloud-based-restaurant-point-of-sale‘Cloud software’ is quickly growing popular across every industry. What exactly is cloud software, and why are more and more businesses moving to it?
Put simply, cloud software is software you access over the internet, usually from your browser.

This means that all you need is an internet connection. Setup is faster and simpler than with traditional software, and data is processed and stored in remote servers that are managed by the service provider.

The benefits of cloud-based software are many; here’s a look at some of the most significant ones:


5. Low Upfront Costs
Traditional software involves high ownership costs like software licenses, hardware and servers as well as the resources to run, maintain and update the software. Cloud-based software, on the other hand, runs over the internet, and can be accessed through any web-enabled device. This eliminates the need to invest in proprietary software and hardware as well as reduces installation and start-up costs.


4. Hassle-Free Maintenance
With traditional software, companies invest a significant amount of time and money to install security updates, upgrade software and maintain servers. With cloud-based software, however, the software vendor manages all updates and maintenance directly online. This translate to large IT maintenance savings for businesses.


3. Accessibility
With Cloud-based software employees are no longer tied to a premise. Instead, they can securely view data, run reports and review real-time activity of your organization from anywhere.


2. Growth-friendly
Since a cloud-based software is hosted on the provider’s servers, organizations that plan to expand in the future do not need to worry about scaling their infrastructure as they grow. They can be confident that their scalability needs will be properly met by the software provider without having to invest in infrastructure directly.


1. Affordable
Unlike traditional software that requires a hefty upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs, most cloud-based systems generally run on contractual subscriptions, usually monthly. This keeps costs down and allows smaller businesses access to powerful, high-quality software that might otherwise have been unaffordable.

In the hospitality and retail industry, more and more businesses are choosing to make the shift to cloud-based POS systems. Cost effectiveness, easy upgrades, affordability and accessibility make it a viable and attractive option.


POS systems hosted in the cloud allow you the liberty to monitor your business and securely view sales and employee data in real-time from anywhere. With no long-term commitments and easy integration with external services and applications like accounting software, ERP systems and loyalty programs, cloud-based solutions are fast becoming the future of POS technology.

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