November 18, 2014

Modifier Groups


We’ve just enhanced the way modifiers work in Sapaad. Now you can easily group your modifiers into clearly labelled sections for even better visual clarity on your POS screen. Want to change the sequence of your modifiers? Simply drag-and-drop them!



1. Create Modifier groups

To start using modifier groups, first visit the Miscellaneous section in Setup and create the Groups you need.



2. Arrange modifiers

Arrange your modifiers in your newly created groups. You can sort modifiers within each group by simply dragging ’em. You can even drag them between groups!



3. Voila!

The modifiers menu on your POS is visually organized, decluttered, and ordered just the way you like it!




4. Works great with Sapaad Online, too!

If you’re using Sapaad Online, our super cool web and mobile ordering interface, your customers will see the modifier groupings, too, making it easier to choose their preferences.

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