January 15, 2014

We designed Sapaad for the people who actually use it: your staff!

swagath-restaurant-dubaiMeet Mr. Murthy, a Sapaad user at Dhanturi’s group of hotels, a popular, fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Dubai run by the famous Dhanturi restauranteurs of India. Swagath serves exquisitely prepared, delicious Indian food and their Dum Biryani, one of their many specialties, is drawing rave reviews.

Mr. Murthy has more than 20 years experience in various roles in the hospitality industry. During this time, he’s operated various Point-of-Sale solutions. He’s even been an Instructor for a POS product (which we won’t name). “You need exclusive training for a lot of the POS products out there,” he says, “You even have certifications for some of them.”

That’s because traditionally, point of sale products were built to perform a single function — to bill customers. The notions of usability, great user experiences, and accessibility never applied. Hence, complex, over-wrought interfaces and hundreds of cryptically labelled buttons are typical in the industry.

Today, of course, we know that design and function are inseparable, that design is in fact function. And that’s why we designed Sapaad for the very people who actually spend the most time using it, the ones who work hard to make your business successful: your staff!

“Sapaad is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” says Mr. Murthy, “I’ve been in this business for a long time, but this is so easy to learn and use. Everything is self-evident and a click away!”


We worked hard on the usability and the user experience of Sapaad because we believe it matters. We think that if the experience of using a software is delightful, then its users work better and faster, and some of that delight rubs off on your customers. We spent hours performing usability testing on Sapaad with real users — real cashiers, real waiters, real drivers — until we knew we’d achieved the level of simplicity and elegance we wanted. We’re gratified to see it paying off:

Dhanturi’s Swagath has has over 300 covers, a luxurious banquet hall, well-trained head waiters, and dozens of waiters. “It took all of us less than a day to get comfortable with using Sapaad and have the main processes up and running. By the second day, we were using it as if we’d been using it for years.”

Asked about what he thought about Sapaad, Mr. Murthy says: “It’s amazing. Simple, and powerful. And best of all, no training courses required!”

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