January 15, 2014

Improved Touch Experience

Introducing our all new on-screen keypad; no keyboard required!

Speed and efficiency while taking orders are key to delighting your customers. That’s why we’ve improved Sapaad’s POS workflow by adding new touch-screen friendly features to rapidly complete orders on a touch-screen POS.


Discrete but always at hand!

Sapaad’s new onscreen keypad appears when required at two points in the POS interface.

Payment: When taking a payment for a walk-in/take away order, touch the keypad indicator in the Amount text box (illustrated on the left) to pop up the onscreen keypad.

Quantities: Touch the quantity box to get a keypad pop-up to conveniently and easily punch in a new quantity. (The plus and minus keys still work great if you want to use that instead.)





Other updates to Sapaad:

business-reports-for-restaurant-managementNew Reports! We’ve added three new reports to your Dashboard. You’ll find them in the “More Reports” section:

  • Surcharges report
  • Modifiers report
  • Priced Modifiers report

UI Enhancements for high resolutions screens: The POS now automagically increases the size of key elements on higher resolution screens to improve readability and touch experience.

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