November 13, 2013

Yalla Sapaad



Yalla Momos is a hip little eatery tucked away in the heart of Karama and frequented by the city’s youth. Like Sapaad, Yalla Momos is unique. The ambience is side-walk chic, and super friendly — electronic and rock music play steadily at tasteful volumes, and the Goel Brothers who run the restaurant serve customers themselves. The main dish, Momos, a Tibetian/Nepalese treat, has to be tasted to be believed. If you haven’t been there, you should!

Run with a personal touch by the young Goel brothers, Yalla Momos is making waves. The eatery always gets rave reviews on Zomato, and has recently been nominated amongst the “Top Seven Dimsums Restaurants”, “Hottest New Eateries in Dubai” and “Best Budget Restaurant 2015” by TimeOut Dubai. It also received a “Users’ Choice Award” from Zomato.

“The first thing that attracted us to Sapaad was that it just, well, looks cool,” says Prashant Goel, “All those other point-of-sales look complicated and boring in comparison.”

Among Sapaad’s many features, Yalla Momos uses Sapaad’s user-friendly tablet interface on an iPad to take orders directly at tables. “Taking orders at tables makes the process faster and simpler. And doing so on a tablet makes it look cool, too. Sapaad has automated a lot of the things we do,” says Prashant, “We can see table availability at a glance now, and the “Service Screen” which lists all pending orders is always helpful for those hectic weekends. It’s also great that Sapaad is based out of Dubai and not some international product being sold here; the guys are super-helpful and always a phone call away.”

The restaurant also uses Sapaad’s powerful printing features such as category rules and automated print routing. “We needed to intelligently route our prints so that the kitchen gets only the items it needs to prepare.”

At Sapaad, we spent a lot of time on our price plans to make sure they’re accessible to growing restaurants like Yalla Momos, and we’re seeing it pan out: “Sapaad’s pricing model works great for us,” says Goel, “for a monthly amount, we can get started, and as we grow our business, we can upgrade to higher plans. So we’re always paying only for what we need right now.”

And of course, there’s Sapaad’s dashboard. “That’s maybe the best thing about Sapaad. We can now always keep tabs on our sales and performance in real-time. And that’s going to give us the peace of mind that will help our business grow!”

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