October 01, 2013

Performance improvements & more

Yaay! Another Sapaad release, another slew of enhancements.




1. The POS screen should now load 35% faster!

We refactored the HTML and JS to be tighter and lighter. You should now see loading times down by nearly a whole second.

We’ve also reduced the number of database calls from hundreds of (smaller) calls down to just FOUR calls, so that the first time the POS loads (before caching at the server) it will be much faster.

2. Multi device ‘anti conflict’ system for dine-in

One of the great things about Sapaad is the generous device usage policy: you can have multiple cashiers using the dine-in module in the same outlet on different devices with just one license. However, it can also lead to the occasional conflict — two waiters biling the same order — when your restaurant gets crazy busy. Here’s how we’ve addressed that:

  1. Now, if the dine-in table screen has not been refreshed, if someone clicks a table for which an order exists, they will be shown the list of orders.
  2. If anyone tries to ‘request bill’ for an order for which the bill has already been requested, Sapaad will detect this and first refresh so that you can see the latest state of the order.
  3. If you try to close an order that’s already been paid, Sapaad will inform you and gracefully take you back to the main dine-in page.

3. Receipts now have QTY on the left of the items

It’s a small change, we know. 🙂 But this tremendously improves readability for Kitchen staff, especially during busy hour!

4. Cash/Credit split details now show on the receipt

Where earlier it used to simply say Cash/Credit, Sapaad now shows the actual amount that was split.


  1. Hitting ‘Enter’ in the Combo section setup screen now correctly creates the Combo section

  2. Combos now optimized for the Service Screen There was an issue where combos with lots of items would disrupt the service screen; this is now fixed.

  3. “Offline/Online” badge now also optimized for low res screens (1024 x 768)

  4. PDA no longer sends two requests when clicking a running order

  5. Other minor minor fixes and ‘copy’ changes


As always, you don’t have to do a thing to receive these updates. Infact, your instance of Sapaad is already updated!

We’ll continue to enchance and optimize Sapaad as we strive to give you a world-class experience!


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