June 05, 2013

New Improved Dashboard


Brand new widgets, filters, and more!


Sapaad gives you a better view of your business!

Sapaad’s business dashboard gives you real-time insights into your restaurant’s performance at anytime from anywhere.

We’ve updated Sapaad’s dashboard with some cool new features, including an all-new widget report system with super easy to use controls.



Any date and time range

business-reporting-for-restaurantsNow you can specify any date range for your dashboard using the range selector at the top.

You can specify time ranges as well. Want to know how many orders you got between 12:00 noon until now? Simply select this range and your sales and report data will reflect this.

When Sapaad detects that your internet connection is back, it seamlessly switches back to ‘Online’ mode without missing a beat.





Prefer a different layout for your dashboard? Now you can re-arrange your dashboard by moving widgets about.

Don’t want to see a certain report? Simply hit the minimize button and it folds up and stays neatly out of the way.

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