April 25, 2013

Introducing Discounts

Easy to setup. Easy to use.

You asked and we listened. We’ve just launched Sapaad’s all new “Discounts” feature. Now you can create any number of predefined discounts for your restaurant. If you have multiple outlets, you can even choose to introduce discounts at only some of them.


order-discountsEasy to setup

Setting up discounts is easy. Just visit the admin area of Sapaad and go to ‘Locations’. Edit the location where you want to add a discount and click the ‘Surcharges and Discounts’ tab.

Now add as many types of bill discounts you like. Eg: employee discounts, coupons etc. You can even choose if you want the discount to be a flat amount or a percentage of the bill.


Easy to useorder-discounts

Now that you’ve setup discounts for your selected outlets, your cashier can simply click the ‘+ Discount’ button at the top of the POS screen. Select the discount you want to apply to the bill… and you’re done! It’s that simple.

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