Local Spin on a Global Favorite

Alexander Debare, the founder of Burger28, shares the inspiration behind his burger concept and how Sapaad complements their unique operations. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
19 July 2017

Introducing Discount Scheduling

Sapaad’s all-new, super flexible discount scheduler lets you easily plan and set your discounts to run at specific times — certain days of the week, a date or time range, or a combination of both. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
12 July 2017

Introducing Barcode Scanning

Sapaad now supports barcode scanning! Instantly add items to your bill by scanning their barcodes. Great for retail F&B and for rapid, easy checkout! Continue reading

Team Sapaad
21 June 2017

Sapaad expertise is just a click away!

Need help? We’ve got you covered with our awesome in-built help widget. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
14 June 2017

Sapaad + Your Accounting Software

Sapaad comes with out-of-the-box integration with a growing list of industry-leading accounting software including Xero and Tally. The best part? Integrating Sapaad with your accounting software is quick and easy; you can get started in minutes! Continue reading

Team Sapaad
07 June 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: May 2017

The month of May introduced lots of exciting enhancements to Sapaad, including the ability to customize address labels in CRM, an improved usability of payment processes, an easier-than-ever flow when reviewing Stock Takes, and much more! Continue reading

Team Sapaad
30 May 2017

Custom Address Labels in CRM

Learn how you can customize the address labels in Sapaad’s CRM module to better suit your country, region or geographic location. It’s easy! Continue reading

Team Sapaad
24 May 2017

What’s New in Sapaad: January 2017

2017 couldn’t have gotten off to a better start here at Sapaad. In case you missed it, here’s a complete roundup of the latest enhancements from January. Continue reading

Team Sapaad
25 January 2017